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This mod provides a basic foundation for all my other mods, crafting recipes, cooking recipes, and harvestables. It has resources that are shared across multiple mods and it keeps files from becoming bloated with duplicate resources. It also allows you to download my content in a modular fashion, giving you more control of the size of your downloads folder. You won't be able to interact with this mod directly but it will provide the basis for other mods to work properly.

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Core Mod






New Objects:

I've included some new ingredients with this mod so they can be shared across multiple mod categories. Those include a group of woodworking/crafting ingredients, insect terrariums, and honeycomb. More ingredients will be added as needed.

New Object Tags:

This mod adds new tags to the game  that I use in my gameplay mods, crafting recipes, and/or cooking recipes. I created them to help add another layer of gameplay to some of my mods as well as add more ingredient options for recipes.

An example of some custom ingredients that have been added:

  • Any Cowplant Milk

  • Any Foraged Mushroom

  • Any Raw Wood

Small Overrides:

I changed the 'Grab a Serving' text on food prepared by sims to say 'Eat a Serving' because I often confused it with the 'Pick Up Serving' action and this just made more sense to me.

I also included an override for the dirt snow texture on harvestables. There's normally this weird outline around the edge of the dirt mound that makes it look like the snow just missed the edge that touches the ground. I fixed it so when it snows it covers the whole dirt mound and looks normal.

There is also an override of the Outdoor Retreat insect terrariums included. It's actually a re-work of the insects to be used as ingredients in several other mods but I made it an override so that people with that pack wouldn't have an overlap or duplicates. Keep in mind that if you don't have that pack these have no other functionality outside my mods except that your sim can view them.

May contain spoilers!

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